Spring Candle Sale

The Ninnymuggins Candle Sale is Back!!!

As you forget about the harsh winter, celebrate spring with some of these fabulous scents. See the candle descriptions below.

The candles sell for $8.00, which earns your child $2.00 toward their quota.

Candle Sheet Spring 2014

Orders are due by midnight on Wednesday, April 30th.

Online Order Form

Sometime in May you will be able to pick up the candles from my home. I will contact you with more details once all candles orders are in.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Karen Voorhees at 484-767-2530.

Candle Descriptions
Baby Magic – Just like the popular Baby Magic bath wash
Beach House Dreams – Reminisce those days at the beach with fragrances filled with tropical fruits & coconut oil
Country Clothesline – Fresh, clean laundry
Key Lime Pie – Fresh limes baked into a piecrust
Lemon Pound Cake – Sweet, lemony cake
Lilac – Smells like true lilacs in full bloom
Lily of the Valley – This scent captures the sweet fragrance of those small delicate flowers
Monkey Fartz  – Nice tropical scent with plenty of bananas and coconut
Ocean Surf – Cool, crisp, clean scent
Tall Grass-The outdoors after a very long winter
Very Vanilla - Intense vanilla with a touch of cream
Watermelon - Fresh and sweet juicy watermelon wedges