Fastnaught Sale

imageCelebrate Fastnacht Day (Tuesday, February 9th) while supporting the Liberty Grenadier Band and Orchestra!

Egypt Star Bakery, a family owned Lehigh Valley bakery in business for over 80 years, is excited to partner with us on this sale. The sale runs through midnight, Friday, January 29th.

Fastnacht Day Printable Order Form

Delivery will be Monday evening, February 8th. Delivery Time is TBD. Delivery is just in time to bring fresh Fastnachts to family and coworkers to enjoy on Fastnacht day!

Each box contains 1/2 dozen Fastnachts. We are offering five varieties: PLAIN, POWDERED SUGAR, CREME, GLAZED, and ASSORTED. The ASSORTED box contains one of each of the following: plain, granulated sugar, powdered, jelly, creme and glazed. Price per half dozen is $5.00. $1.00 of each box goes to your student’s quota.

Orders must be placed online by midnight on Friday, January 29th.

Online Order Form

Chair for this sale is Carolyn Jenkins. Questions can be directed to her at If you are available to help with distribution on Monday, February 8th, please email Carolyn.