On linden street – see you soon!

Expected arrival between 7:30 and 7:45

Barring construction delays.

On our way home

Newsies was Terrific!!!

On our way home. have crossed into Nee Jersey.

Refunds will be coming

We will be calculating the cost of the trip and providing refunds once the Transbridge bill is in.

You will be asked to REQUEST your refund in writing by May 31 – else your payment will apply to next year and the Rose Parade trip. Watch for more information as it becomes available.

Waiting to go into the show


In the Big Apple

We arrived in the city at our Theater at 9:40. We’ve spread out to visit landmarks and eat lunch.

Meeting back be the theater at 1:30 to meet with a cast member and then the show at 3. All is well!

We have landed!

And 7:45 am report on Sunday

To maximize time in the city.

We are in Pennsylvania

See you soon!

Leaving West Point

On our way home. At this point, barring any excitement, we should arrive back at Liberty around 3:30.

Will let you know as we go.

Report time on Sunday is 8:15 am at Liberty for the New York City portion of the trip.